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Kadalur Lighthouse - AT8LHC

Government of India - Ministry of Communication and Information Technology - Deparment of Telecommunications, WPC Wing Amateur Cell vide its Special Permission No. L-14011/639/2009-AMT Dated 4th August 2009 has allocated Special Callsign AT8LHC for Kadalur Point Lighthouse, Calicut - Kerala from 7th to 16th August 2009 on occation of International Lighthouse and Lightship Week.

Directorate of Light houses and Light Ships, Cochin vide Letter No. VII/75/CHN/C/2009 dated 22nd June 2009 conveyed their Director General of Lighthouse and Lightship, Noida approval for Amateur (Ham) Radio operation at Kadalur Point Lighthouse WLOL IND 013 at 11 Degree 28 Minutes North and 75 Degree 38 Minutes East (Grid Location MK 71 tl ) ALOL 0682 Arasu VU2UR and Laxman VU2LX, have put in quite a lot of CW efforts in addition to Dr.Abraham Jacob VU2OJ and Ajoy VU2JHM to make more than 650 QSO and worked more than 50 countries listed below Uzbekistan, Diego garcia, Kazakhstan, European Russia, Poland, Hungary,Germany,Sweden,Ukraine,Leituva,Belarus,Slovak Rep, Macedonia,Serbia,Italy,Cyprus,Faroe Is, Asiatic Russia, Sri Lanka, Russian Anatarctic Expedition Station at Myrnyy Base, Slovenia, West Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai,Lesotho,Hong kong,Austria, Labrador-Canada, South Africa,Re-Union Is,Switzerland, South Korea, Czech Rep, France,Israel, Finland,Ogasawara Island,Belgium, Pakistan, Oman, Thailand, East Malaysia,Australia, Bulgaria, Romania, Taiwan,Guam,Norway,England, and Estonia This Lighthouse is going to celebrate its Centenary 100th Year in month of October hence we have choosen callsign "Love and Kisses from Lighthouse Centenary that is 88's from LHC" Light House Calicut !! The local hams of Calicut as Sageesh VU3PSZ volunteered out of the way and have extended their hospitality and especially Sri Ashraf VU3MTY and his Family/ Relative members are fully taking care of essential local logistics - which we from AT8LHC team whole heartedly appreciate and cannot forget at all. Sunil VU2ATB and Sanil Deep VU3SIO for driving the Hams from Calicut to Kadalur Point Lighthouse and never made anyone use the public transport.

Amongst the visitors are OM Vishwanath SWL VU0020, VU3HPN Ranjan, VU2LTV Dr.Rajesh, VU2CTN Christopher, VU2VJT Thomas, VU2KIV Dr. Vidjit Vijayasanker and his friend who did spent a lot of time with us and have not only encouraged this activity have inspired us.

For Special QSL Card VU Hams to send Mint Postage Stamp of Rs. 10/- worth along with Address Slip (Do not send Self Addressed Stamped Cover = No SASE only Address Slip) DX Hams to send India's Mint Postage Stamp of Rs. 25/- INR worth along with full address slip (no SASE) do give your email address to acknowledge receipt of the mail. Special QSL card of AT8LHC is expected to be ready by October 2009 and those who are sending direct cards with above mentioned stamps and address labels will receive acknowledgement by email. Photos of AT8LHC, Hams and the Lighthouse are on

Thanks to VU2KIV for the photolink

Details of this lighthouse is available on Amateur Radio Operation from Lighthouses details are on Lions Club of Bangalore North Club # 026596 that is District 324-D6 thru its Lions Clubs International Amateur (Ham) Radio Club has lent their HF equipment and accessories - Lions ALERT Program's essential undiscovered resource.

This is part of Bangalore Amateur Radio Club's Golden Jubliee and Hamfest India 2009 activity. de Lion Ajoy VU2JHM ARLHS # 1571 & Manohar VU2UR # 1578 plus a handful of resourceful Amateur (Ham) Radio Volunteers from Calicut and surrounding part of Green Kerala.


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