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XIII Bangalore VHF Fox Hunt

The XIII Bangalore Fox Hunt was held on Sunday, 25th November, 2012. A total of 58 participants took part in this event. There were 20 hunting teams on two and four wheelers. There were also two special invitees who attended the fox hunt from the Bangalore Police Wireless Station.
The Event was flagged off from Bharat Scouts and Guides Headquarters, Bangalore (The venue of the BARC monthly meetings) @ 08:00 AM by Mr. Bhaskar Rao, IPS, IGP Internal Security & Costal Police along with Lion Dr. PRS Chetan, Chief Warden, Civil Defence, Bangalore.
The previous year's winning due, Sreevathsa Mohan - VU3SPD and Madhukar VU2MUD could not involve in arranging the event due to some personal preoccupations. However, the veterans, Shashidhar (VU2TKO), Srivathsa (VU2BLR) and Prakash (VU3PRH) pitched in to save the day and were the foxen for the event. 
The First Fox Howl (Beacon) was heard loud and clear at ground level all over Bangalore ensuring that the Hunters had no problems in getting the first bearing and heading off in the direction of the Fox.  This time as a trial - considering the ever changing topography of Bangalore city due to the high rise buildings - it was decided to provide "Directional clues" at periodic intervals.
The fox was in a real dream spot, from where they could see every one approaching but were very difficult to spotted.  They even went to the level of camouflaging the antenna with leaves and branches so that the hunters had difficulty in spotting it even from 5 feet away!!! - unless ofcourse they traced it from the co-axial cable running from the Tx!!
The Hunt was scheduled for a maximum period of 120 minutes - but due to the excellent fox location - the first team reached the foxhole approximately 15-20 minutes into "EXTRA TIME".
The final winners were
I Place - Gururaja (VU2 GUR), Dr. Roshan Kumar (VU3BNE)
The event ended with fellowship and lunch.

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