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15th VHF Fox Hunt

The 15th VHF Bangalore Day Foxhunt

The 15th VHF Bangalore Day Foxhunt was conducted by Bangalore Amateur Radio Club on 7th December 2014.A total of about 50 hams attended the event.

The event was flagged off from Karnataka Scouts & Guides Headquarters on Palace Road by Sri PGR Sindhia, President of Karnataka Scouts & Guides and former minister of Karnataka at 8AM during which he also expressed his desire to support all amateur radio activities.

The first tone was given at 9.30 AM on 145.000 and was clearly heard all over Bengaluru. Due to the excellent hiding location choosen by the Foxes, none of the hunters could reach the Foxhole in the stipulated 2 hours time and hence the hunt time was extended.

The following is the results:

Winners: VU3JBA - Somashekar and his YL Harmonic VU3ULY - Vatsalya

1st Runner Up: VU2WMY Subramani along with VU2NFK Bharadwaj , VU3PYH Raj and SWL Nitesh at 1PM

2nd Runner Up: VU2RSB Sharath along with SWL Kishore and SWL Sammi at 1.15 PM

There was also a consolation prize given to first time hunters SWL Lohith and Shravan to encourage the new comer's into ARDF sport.
Cash prizes of Rs5000, 3000 and 2000 were given to the wining teams.

This was followed by Prize Distribution Ceremony and Fellowship with Lunch at the farm house of VU2HVK Krishna who graciously offered to host all the participants.

Hearty Congratulations to the Foxes The foxes for this edition was VU2TKO - Shashi, VU2IBI earlier (VU3PRH) - Prakash and VU2AE - Vathsa for the excellent location of foxhole and great skill shown by them in hiding.

The foxhole was located about 25km from city centre off Mysore Road.


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