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XVI Bangalore Fox Hunt

The 16th VHF Bangalore Day Foxhunt

Report on 16th Bangalore ARDF held on 1st November 2015

Briefing was held on 31st October 2015 at Scouts& Guides HQ, Palace Road at 6PM. The hunters  were briefed about the changes in event format by the Secretary VU3PKE  P. Kiran Kumar and VU3JHK Vivek.

The hunting teams assembled at the venue of Flag Off i.e. the farm house of our member Suresh Kumar VU3HDP located off Bangalore – Mangalore Road. After collection of competition cards , they all proceeded to a sumptuous breakfast lovingly prepared by OM Ghanashyam( Chandu) and his team. The teams then assembled for a group photograph and briefing about the fox hole location.

The event was flagged off at 9.40 AM by our President VU2GRM, OM Ram Mohan , VU2DKV OM Dasharathi and our host VU3HDP OM Suresh Kumar. There were about 60 hams ,some with families   A total of 16 teams were there. Nine 4wheel teams and 7 two wheel teams were flagged off on a combination of two and four wheelers.

The first howl was heard at 10AM and repeated at 5 minutes intervals till the end of the hunt. The fox hole was located at a radial distance of 8.2 km from the flag off venue to facilitate hunters have a stress free environment without worrying about the city traffic. OM Somashekar with his teammate of OM Vasudeva Singh were the first to reach the foxhole at 11.20 AM.

As other hunters failed to reach the foxhole within the stipulated time  of 12noon, clues were given about the location of fox hole after which few other teams reached the foxhole and at 12.45 pm, the event was declared closed and all the hunting teams returned to the flag off venue for fellowship, prize distribution and lunch.

After lot of bonhomie and exchange of experiences on the hunt by the  participants, the results of the hunt were announced and the sponsors for the event thanked for their support, especially OM Suresh , VU3NOI and Ramesh VU3VRL for agreeing to be the foxes at short notice. The following is the final results of the ARDF:

First Place : Somashekar VU3JBA with Vasudeva Singh VU3DON

Second Place : Poojith Prakash SWL with Dilip Sharma VU3BOM

Third Place : Hariharan VU3HEA, Harsha Girimaji VU3HPG with Basavaraju  SWL

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by our President Ram Mohan who thanked all the members for their cooperation, the sponsors for the support , congratulated the winners and wished all the best for the next event to all the participants.


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