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Daroji Bear Santuary - VU0WFF

Callsign: VU0WFF

Location: Daroji Bear Sanctuary - VUFF101 Kamalapura Hampi Hospet, Karnataka, India

Government of India, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications, WPC Wing, Amaeur Cell, New Delhi vide Special Permission  L-14011/639/2010-Amt Dated 29th Sep 2010 with Special callsign VU0WFF from 1st to 10th Oct 2010 to operate from Daroji Bear Sanctuary, Kamalapura, Bellary District of Karnataka State.

Year 2011 happens to be International Year of Forests and our event of October 2010 is the starter for this UN's Declaration.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden vide Letter No.D/WL/CR-70/2008-9 dated 13th Sep 2010 has permitted Amateur (Ham) Radio Special Event Station at Daroji Bear Sanctuary on occation of "Wildlife Week" - October 4th, 2010 happens to be "Global Day for Protection of Animals" where as 10-10-10 10:10:10 that is Oct 10th, 2010 happens to be Palindromic Date and Time.

The Hampi Kannada University was kind enough to accomodate our team in their Guest House - Kadambari which is at an elevated place where not much power cuts are there and close to the Canteen we thank the Vice-Chancellor and Register of KUCampus Kamalapura for this kind guesture.

A small group of Amateur Radio volunteers led by VU2UR and VU2LX have started from Bangalore Amateur Radio Club VU2ARC with equipment from Lions Club International ARC VU2ARC - a unique activity of Lions Club of Bangalore North (Club # 026596 District 324-D6) and hope to make many QSOs on SSB and CW.  Thanks for all those who are patiently listening to our weak signal and waiting for giving us their callsign and reports.  Yes, we are BEAR footed with lots of power cuts without backup as it is a low budget setup with sole interest as Amateurs only.  Thanks to those who have come on different bands and working us.

In six days we have made 2200 plus Contacts and count crossed 80+ countries (including New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, North America, Argentine and Antartica).  We were finding the bands much better than in Bangalore City !!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Daroji Bear Sanctuary has Sloth Bear Species the one of the 8 types of Bears in the world and another most interesting is a unique bird - Yellow Throated Bulbul which is very particular in this area.

Photographs of the Daroji Bear Sanctuary taken by VU2JHM is herewith enclosed

Those who are making QSO are eligible for Special QSL Card provided you send your QSL card, Address Label (no SASE), sufficient postage stamp (Rs. 5/- if you are from India else 2 IRCs). We expect the Special QSL card to be ready by March 2011 and the same will be mailed to all those who have sent direct QSL with this unique Special Cover on the occation of International Year of Forests 2011 which is a collector's item.

Our previous operation was AT8WFF done for First Time in our country at Bannerghatta National Park in 2008 where we could get the Permenant Pictorial Postal Cancellation of Butterfly Park with logo of WFF details and picture are on http:/

On 5th January 2011  the India Post has releasing the Permenant Pictorial Postal Cancellation of Sloth Bear at Kannada University Campus Post Office- Kamalapura 583276 for which our LISC India Chapter has followed up - The UN has officially permitted us to use the IYF 2011 logo which is used on the Special Cover of Release of Permenent Pictorial Postal Cancellation - the Function photos are also posted on the above link. 

More details of World Flora Fauna is on http:/

The Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited has recently opened a 20 Twin bedded cottages naming after as Sloth Bear Resort -Papanayakanahalli - Hampi which is the UNESCO World Heritage site with Temples of historical Vijayanagar dynasty and the sculpture can put you wonderstruck with travel packages and discounted tariff to Amateur (Ham) Radio Volunteers and their family.  We are expecting colourful picture QSL card from them soon. Their website is http:/

The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation KSTDC has accomodation and catering facility at Kamalapura.

It is a beautiful landscape with Cotton Fields, Sun Flower plants and Paddy Fields giving rich colour to the eyes.


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